Do Do Do

I wish I could tell you that the production of this work was not the result of obsessive rumination, but… The “tasks” I captured on these hand-crafted “Post-its” were internal imperatives, bottled up as I prepared for a one-person show in 2005. I had also just completed a mixed media workshop, allowing myself to stretch beyond representative painting and drawing… Read more →

The Cost of Not Getting Lost

I recently disconnected from the internet for a week, intentionally curtailing my use of my various iGadgets. I did not check Facebook for the latest witticisms from my friends, didn’t read the latest Kardashian gossip on Gawker nor skim the news headlines for the latest outrageous quote from a likely Republican presidential candidate or failure of our government to pass… Read more →

UX & Product Career Highlights

16-year background in product management and user experience design on websites, demos, mobile apps, software and set-top box applications, working with agencies, corporate teams and startups. Career focus on information architecture, user experience design and product management while serving in wide variety of other roles:  visual designer, creative director, front-end developer, usability testing moderator, technical lead. Recent focus on working… Read more →

Senior Product Manager, WalmartLabs & Walmart Brazil

Company: WalmartLabs & Walmart Brazil | Locations: Sunnyvale, California, US & São Paulo, Brazil | Dates: 2015 to present Highlights: Global product owner for customer service tool launched in the Brazil market, serving as product owner for a scrum team of developers in Brazil. Product management for payment, fraud and post-transactional systems as part of an end-to-end e-commerce platform that… Read more →