Yesterday I went out looking for supplies and inspiration–at the hardware store and the thrift store.

The general idea behind Instant Artshow is to bring a bunch of people together for the afternoon to collaborate on art and install the results immediately thereafter. I held the first such event about a year ago. Ten artists showed up and almost everyone was able to make a piece, but it was definitely a challenge to create a sense of collaboration. I found I actually made the constrains too restrictive, so this year I plan to have people work together on a number of projects that have a seed of concept and execution in mind.

I went to the hardware and thrift store with my friend, Mark, looking for items that participants could incorporate into their projects or otherwise turn into art. I ended up buying a limited number of items, because I want the pieces to be mainly constructed of found objects and recycled materials. We bought some light-weight mesh that will be used to create structure for a ceiling-based sculptural installation. I also bought a really cool, retro floor lamp, with flat, translucent sides that would be perfect for some silhouette work.

I have a number of other projects in mind and will spend the rest of the week gathering materials and supplies and setting up.

  1. Pete,
    I think it’s really interesting and creative what you are doing with your instant art project. What more loose parameters are you proposing this time around that are different than your first endeavor? I’m curious to see and read about the results, Angela

  2. Administrator 1 May 2007 at 18:07

    For the first show, artists worked separately using their own materials and were given constraints on format and subject matter. For this show, works are collaborative. The theme is suggested and all materials provided, geared toward specific kinds of possible works, serving as the glue to hold the show’s theme together.

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